Cop Tells Black Man ‘You’d Be The First One I’d Shoot’

“I was horrified that the people who are paid to protect make a joke about a movement which is for black people who have been killed.”

A British police officer is under fire after a video surfaced on social media that showed him joking about shooting a black man.

The West Midlands Police officer, who remains unnamed, was reportedly searching an apartment in Coventry, United Kingdom, when he threatened the man, Jack Chambers, and made racist comments.

As the video begins, the officer can be heard inquiring why the man didn’t open the apartment’s door.

“Because I was f****** half-asleep. … I didn’t know who you was [sic]. … You were climbing up the window like thieves,” he replied.

One of the policemen tells the man that they are police. To that he said, “That’s even worse.”

“You’re going to go Black Lives Matter on us, are you?” the officer said.

“Yeah!” the man replied.

That is when the officer joked about shooting the man.

“You’d be the first one I’d shoot if I had a gun, definitely,” said the officer.

Chambers, 24, spoke out after the incident and said it had left him “scared.”

“I was horrified that the people who are paid to protect make a joke about a movement which is for black people who have been killed. I have spoken to the police and they have offered me an apology but I do not want it. I would like a senior police officer to apologize for the action on national news,” he said.

He recalled the incident and said he was sleeping when the police came in.

“They were climbing up the ladder and banging on the door. I closed the window because I thought what are they are doing, then my mate opened the door. They started looking around for a wanted man and then they started asking me why I closed the window and then made the comment,” added Chambers.

After the incident took place, Assistant Chief Constable Alex Murray responded by saying the officer’s words were “not right.”

“We expect the highest standards of behavior from all our officers and staff, and we will always take complaints from members of the public seriously,” said Murray.

An investigation into the incident was also initiated.


However, activists in the country are calling for the officer’s removal.

“Police officers are there to set an example. Their behavior must be beyond reproach. You don't make flippant statements about serious issues which affect communities. This is not locker room banter,” said Desmond Jaddoo, a community activist from Birmingham.

Thumbnail Credits: Reuters, Darren Staples

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