Governor Brings Pile Of Actual B******t To Criticize Funding Cuts

“What we have is nothing more than bunch of political bull you-know-what,” said Gov. Jim Justice, unveiling a tray full of animal feces.

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice (D) opted for a bizarre way to criticize the new House budget bill passed in a live streaming session.

The $4.1 billion budget cuts $110 million in spending, most of which is from higher education and the state Division of Health and Human Resources. It also takes $90 million from the state’s Economic Stabilization Fund, better known as the Rainy Day Fund.

Justice vetoed the bill theatrically with three props that were brought in trays.

The 65-year-old uncovered the first two trays that had a “nothing burger” and a “mayonnaise sandwich.” The drama started when he unveiled the third tray around 40:00 minute mark of the live broadcast.

The tray was placed on papers, presumably the budget bill, and it was full of actual cow feces.

“We don’t have a nothing burger today, and we don’t have a mayonnaise sandwich,” Justice said in a reference to his previous comparisons for Republican budgets. “What we have is nothing more than bunch of political bull you-know-what.”

The governor was very particular about voicing his condemnation with the “you-know-what” — a pile of actual bulls**t.

Justice explained the antics used by the capitol were immature, using the whiteboard laying out budget cuts.

“We don’t have to be a bunch of babies, we don’t have to be a bunch of children, we don’t have to be one-upping the other party all the time,” he said. “If we’re this way, you know what we’ll get done? Nothing.”

The governor finally vetoed the bill with hopes that the lawmakers will “stop the bull crap.”

“I hope and pray that the silliness will stop,” he remarked. 

A bill vetoed by the governor means the lawmakers will be called back for a special session to adopt a spending plan before the start of the new fiscal year on July 1.

No date has yet been set for the session.

West Virginia Education Association President Dale Lee applauded Justice for vetoing the bill. 

“It hurts public education. It hurts our seniors. It hurts veterans. Plus, when you take $90 million out of the Rainy Day Fund it hurts our bond rating,” Lee said.

The governor also shared his theatrical veto announcement on Twitter:


Many social media users appreciated him for being so blunt.





Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Carlos Barria

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