WH Staffer Tasked With Putting A Positive Spin On Trump Calls It Quits

On Monday, Andy Hemmings resigned from his important job in the White House — finding positive President Donald Trump stories to get into the right hands for widespread publicity.

Angela Merkel and President Donald Trump stand at podiums surrounded by press.

Andy Hemming, the former White House director of rapid response, had an interesting position in the Trump administration.

The 31-year-old was responsible for finding President Donald Trump's more positive moments and getting these stories into the hands of reporters, pundits, and whoever else was willing to spread the word. It doesn't look like he was able to keep up with the president's penchant for terribleness, and on Monday, Hemming reportedly resigned.

Hemming's position isn't unique to the Trump administration, as countering critique with compliments is a political strategy presidents rely on in order to effectively pass policies and to be re-elected.

However, HuffPost notes that Hemming had his work cut our for him, as Trump's relationship with the media is unprecedented in its negativity. The president has been at war with the press since his campaign days, and he has used his new position of power to challenge how he is covered, deflecting the blame for his problematic actions onto what he refers to as "fake news." 

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told Politico that Hemming's resignation was a "[m]utual decision that he could best help promote the president’s agenda on the outside. Andy is smart and very talented and we wish him all the best.” Hemming himself has not spoken out on the subject.

Since Trump's inauguration, his administration has been a revolving door of staff members who appear to enter with big dreams and leave with tight smiles amid heightened speculation.

Sean Spicer called it quits as press secretary just a little over a month ago and was shortly followed by now former Chief of Staff Reince Preibus. Anthony Scaramucci was fired just 10 days after he assumed the role of communications director, and infamous political dark shadow and Chief Strategist Steve Bannon was let go after months of public debate over his role in the White House.

In addition, Trump's art committee resigned en masse, and key members of his Manufacturing Council quit after he revealed himself as a neo-Nazi sympathizer.

Who's next?

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