The Lengths Children Go Through To Get An Education In War-Torn Syria

Children still living in war-torn Syria struggle to find a safe place to continue their education, but with help from Project Amal Ou Salam, they're determined to make it work.

Badeeah Hamel, a 6-year-old living in war-torn Syria, will go to some pretty extreme lengths to continue her education.

Hamel’s school was destroyed in an airstrike, so she and some of her fellow classmates have gone underground—quite literally—so that they can continue their education.

According to their website, Project Amal Ou Salam “is a grassroots organization dedicated to empowering Syria’s children to rebuild their country and work for peace. This is done through day camps with Syrian children, material donations (such as coloring books, games, and sports equipment), holiday events, and monetary support of schools both inside and out of Syria.”

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Hamel and her classmates meet roughly three times a week, some learning to read and write while others are encouraged to write imaginative stories to develop their skills.

Nousha Kabawat, the founder and director of Project Amal Ou Salam, told The Huffington Post in an interview, “It’s a very small center, and it has a class that holds up to, max, 25 people. We’re protecting them physically but also mentally because it’s totally underground—they can’t hear what’s happening outside… So really we are able to take them out of this ugly reality for that time being and immerse them in this imaginative world."

She goes on to say that the center is filled with colors, movies, educational toys, and other things that will help keep these children happy, healthy, and out of harm’s way—which allows them to do exactly what they are supposed to do: be a child.

“If I’m giving these kids a safe place to go and to grow positively, that means that someone will be there to rebuild it… they will want to have a positive influence on the world around them.”

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