Find Out Who Wins When A Man In Wheelchair Tries To Stop A Lamborghini

An interesting video captured by a passerby shows a man in a wheelchair adamantly blocking a Lambo from cutting him off.

A video posted on Facebook by 21-year-old Joe Haskett shows a wheelchair user blocking the way of a Lamborghini that was trying to drive past him.

The man in the wheelchair, for some reason, decided to stop right in front of the almost $300,000 super car on North Gate Street in Gloucester, U.K., preventing the driver from going forward. The luxury car driver got out of his car, and helped the man move his wheelchair to the side so that he could drive by, but the rather adamant man moved back in front of the car.

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Another passerby soon had to intervene to get the physically challenged man out of the middle of the street. Soon the Lamborghini whisked by.

The video was recorded by Haskett as he was on his way home from lunch.

"I was walking back from lunch with a friend to my car, and heard the Lamborghini, which was loud, so naturally went to get a picture,” he said.

"Then we just noticed the man in the wheelchair slowly pushing himself into the road. He was moving back and forth across the road to block the car, which is when the bloke got out and moved him,” Haskett added.

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