Bernie vs. Clinton: She Sure Didn't See This One Coming

"Smells like burning pants in here," the Sanders campaign taunts Clinton.

This week, Hillary Clinton did what many other politicians have done since the advent of Twitter — indulge in some what-aboutery. 

You know what we're talking about. “But what about the time Islamic terrorists blew up the World Trade Center?" "Where were you and your activism when the last episode of 'Friends' aired?”

Clinton aimed her what-aboutery at Democratic nominee rival Bernie Sanders, asking where he was when she was busy leading a crusade for better health care in the 1990s.

Where was Bernie?


Clinton was about to get a very vivid reminder exactly where Bernie was, thanks to a damning video. Staying true to his title, the rapid response manager for Sanders’ campaign, Mike Casca, tweeted:



If you think Clinton forgot to turn around that fateful day and see Sanders standing behind her, Casca has more info:


She even sent him a thank you note (sweet).


But Clinton campaign’s director of communication, Jennifer Palmieri, tried to douse "the Bern" by emphasizing that it was Clinton who stood in the front.


Her PR machine aside, Clinton clearly lost this round.

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