While Discussing Flynn, Putin Jokes About Getting Megyn Kelly Arrested

During an interview with Megyn Kelly, Russian President Vladimir Putin joked that his contacts with the journalist warrant more scrutiny than his contact with Michael Flynn.

Russian President Vladimir Putin proved he takes American media's focus on the probe into alleged Russia meddling in the United States election lightly, joking that Megyn Kelly's communication with the Russian president could land her in jail.

The comment stemmed from an interview with the NBC reporter and followed his explanation regarding an alleged meeting he had with President Donald Trump's former national security adviser, Michael Flynn.

“When I came to the event at our company, Russia Today, and sat down at the table, next to me there was a gentleman, and someone else was sitting down on my other side,” Putin told Kelly, saying the man sitting on his other side was Flynn.

After the speech he gave, he continued, “...we talked about something else, then I got up and left.”

“That sums up my entire acquaintance with Mr. Flynn,” he concluded.

Trying to add a lighthearted tone to the anecdote, the Russian president continued, saying that the contact he had thus far with the American journalist could be seen as much more problematic than the exchange he had with Flynn.

“You and I, we have a much closer relationship than with Mr. Flynn. You and I met up last evening. You and I have been working all day together and now we meet again,” he explained.

Given that Flynn was eventually forced to step down and is now under FBI scrutiny, Putin continued, “...you then should be arrested and put in jail” for having spent an entire day with the Russian politician.

After suffering pressure to leave his position after having allegedly lied to Vice President Mike Pence, Flynn was under harsh criticism for not being entirely honest about his ties to Russian companies.

One of those companies was the RT television network, a company partly sponsored by the Russian government. During the RT Moscow event, which Flynn was allegedly paid $50,000 for, both Flynn and Putin gave speeches to attendees.

Despite the Russian president's nonchalant approach to the probe and possible outcome, the House Intelligence Committee has already issued a subpoena to Flynn, asking him for any documents showing his business ties and seeking testimony from the former adviser.

But that's not all, as the FBI has also expanded its probe to include a grand jury investigation into Flynn's contacts with Russian officials during the presidential election and into his paid work as a lobbyist for Turkish interests.

Perhaps in no time, we may know whether Putin will continue having reasons to joke about the disgraced adviser.

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