Gorka Remains In White House Because No Other Agency Will Take Him

Despite his questionable credentials and less-than-admirable views on Islam and the terrorism problem, White House aide Sebastian Gorka seems to enjoy President Donald Trump's favoritism.

Gorka holds a panphlet that reads "Isis, Russian, and Iran: The Role of Special Army Forces in the U.S. Response."

Sebastian Gorka might be one of the most controversial members of the Donald Trump White House, and yet he remains employed. But after reports showed he would be relieved of his position back in April, we now know that, perhaps, letting him go wasn't ever the goal.

According to Rolling Stone, Gorka's skills as a self-proclaimed expert in terrorism and counter-terrorism and as a bearer of radical and questionable views on Islam weren't seen as useful to several other government agencies. As a result, the White House aide remained in his post.

An “insider” who spoke to Rolling Stone claims that the White House did what it could to find Gorka another job but “[n]obody wanted him.”

Thanks to the incendiary comments he makes every time he's interviewed on cable news, which ultimately appears to be the only reason why he's still employed, according to a former top White House official, Trump seems to not care much if he stays in the White House. But there's yet another reason why the president may not be too concerned with kicking him out anytime soon: Gorka is very close to Steve Bannon, the president's senior White House strategist.

Perhaps, what's more terrifying about having Gorka remain in the White House despite his lack of credentials is the fact that his personal ideas on how to fight terror involve the creation of a police state that resembles something straight out of the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany. So, if Gorka remains close to Bannon and influential with the president, does that mean that his proposals will actually be taken seriously by the Trump administration in the near future?

We surely hope that's not the case. But with the news that other agencies are effectively refusing to take him in, the thought that he might remain in the White House for as long as Trump is the president is truly daunting.

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