White UK Man Threatens To Cut Muslims With A Sword In Video

"Let me tell you. I will get people to run in your mosques with pineapples (grenades)... blow your mosques off this f****** planet, yeah,” says the man in the video clip.


Some terrorist attacks, as odd as it sounds, bring out the best in us. There are those who put their lives on the line to thwart the attackers, those who run to the scene to help victims even as mayhem unfolds and those who open their hearts and homes to assist survivors.

And then there is this man. 

An unidentified man, possibly from Liverpool, made a vile, profanity-laden video in which he repeatedly threatened to cut up Muslims and blow up mosques. The threats come in the wake of the terrorist attack at London Bridge and Borough Market, where at least seven people died.

In a video posted on social media, the racist starts off by saying: "Some Muslims – P***s - Terrorists, you can call youselves terrorists - cowards is what I wanna call you."

"This is a little message for you guys yeah. You run in with bombs and blow yourselves up on bunch of innocent kids. There is nothing terrorizing about that," he added.

The June 3 attack was the third suspected terrorist incident in less than three months in the country, coming just days after the tragedy in Manchester that left 22 dead and dozens injured at an Ariana Grande concert. The first attack this year was carried out at Westminster Bridge in March.

In all three cases, suspected perpetrators turned out to be radical Islamists, a fact that is now being exploited by opportunistic Islamophobes and xenophobes, like the man in the video.

Among his threats, the unnamed man promises to blow up Muslim places of worship.

"Let me tell you. I will get people to run in your mosques with pineapples (grenades)... blow your mosques off this f****** planet, yeah.”

It’s at this point that he pulls out what looks like a machete from its sheath.

"I will cut each one of your ears off with a sword," he continues."I will cut your fingers, your toes. I will cut you a thousand times until you bleed out… and terrorize you, so if you want to see terrorism, come and meet me you cowards.”

The disturbing video was posted on social media and soon caught the attention of Merseyside Police.

The police department released a formal statement:

“Officers have launched an investigation and at this time enquiries are ongoing to establish the origins of the video. The force takes all reports of hate crime seriously and incidents are investigated by specially trained detectives.”

Meanwhile, another video emerged showing the same man apologizing for his comments in the first clip.


So far, it’s not clear if the man has been apprehended or not.

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