Man Made Monkey Chants At Cop, Claims Isn't Racist Because He's Muslim

A white Islamic convert is facing jail time for hurling racial slurs and making monkey chants at an Asian policeman during a riot last November.

A Caucasian man claimed religious impunity for throwing objects at law enforcement and chanting racial slurs at an Asian policeman after being arrested when an anti-austerity march turned into a riot against officers.

anti austerity march london

Sallahudin Albritani, born Desmond McHale in Kingston, West London, was charged on three accounts for hurling disrespectful insults and throwing objects at police during the Million Mass March in central London last November.

The march was intended to last only three hours but after it extended later than planned, police had to disperse and battle a then-violent crowd.

Albritani, a 26-year-old who is known to have 16 different aliases, failed to appear at his trial and a warrant is now out for his arrest. He was convicted in his absence for his threatening behavior and racially aggravated verbal harassment.

At the hearing, police officer William Burn told the judge, “My unit was asked to try and disperse a crowd down Charing Cross road when a call came through that a male had been making monkey gestures to an Asian officer.”

According to prosecutor William Marshall, Albritani attacked police with fireworks, flares, and bottles.

Marshall showed the court a surveillance video of Albritani making monkey chants and signs at a British Asian policeman and can be heard calling the officer a “fu***** Pa** cu**.”

While being interrogated by the arresting officers, the man ignorantly claimed, “I’m Muslim, how can I be racist?”

His affiliation with a religious group does not somehow make him exempt from targeting others based on skin color. One’s religion does not warrant a free pass on racism and Albritani deserves to learn his lesson in prison.



Photo credit: Twitter, @EDLofficialpage

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