White California Man Stabs African-American Man With A Machete

Anthony Robert Hammond was arrested after he allegedly targeted numerous people with hate message and attacked an African-American man with a machete.

Everyday racism is becoming more common in President Donald Trump’s America.

In yet another barbaric and seemingly racially motivated attack, a California man allegedly assaulted an African-American man with a machete after yelling racial slurs at him.

Clearlake resident Anthony Robert Hammond reportedly targeted numerous people with hate messages in the parking lot of his apartment complex. The 34-year-old then went in his apartment and came back out with a machete.

“As he continued yelling racial slurs at the victim, Hammond struck the victim on the shoulder with the machete, causing serious bodily injury,” the Lake County News reported.

The victim’s identity wasn’t disclosed immediately “due to the severity of the crime,” but he was reportedly an African-American. He was rushed to the hospital after Hammond stabbed him— there are no details of his current condition as of yet.

According to reports, Clearlake police officers created a perimeter around the apartment to prevent Hammond’s escape before proceeding to evacuate nearby residences. Once they were evacuated, officers approached Hammond, where they were able to see him through a window. One male adult could be seen sleeping on the couch, while the assailant tried to hide himself inside the refrigerator.

However, he couldn’t succeed and ran into the rear bedroom of his residence. This is when the officers lost him from their sight, but they were able to remove the man sleeping on the couch before finally arresting Hammond.

Officers said they engaged in a multi-hour standoff with the barbaric extremist because they assumed he had a firearm as well as the machete.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), America's largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization, took the horrific incident to Facebook, condemning the racially motivated attacks that have taken place in recent times.

The Clearlake attack happened just three days after the Portland stabbing, where two men lost their lives while the third was severely injured for standing up to a white supremacist who was allegedly yelling racial slurs at two young women – one of whom was Muslim while the other was African American.

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