White Couple To Black Family: ‘My Ancestors Owned Your A**’

A Texas teen posted a Facebook Live video of an angry white couple shouting racist insults and making slavery references to her and her mother at a restaurant.

The new Facebook Live feature has been a gift and a curse as it has allowed people to share moments, in real-time, of the best and worst of humanity.

Just last week, the controversial and tragic shooting death of Philando Castile was captured in a Facebook Live post by his fiancée. This week, a Texas teen captured pure, uncensored racism being spewed at her and her mother in a restaurant.

The African-American teen was having lunch with relatives at Chester’s Burgers when she began streaming live as she reported an encounter she had just experienced with a white couple.

The girl told her family that the couple inside the establishment had just told her to “Shut the f*** up,” which ruffled her mother’s feathers enough to get up and go confront them.

The girl continued recording as she followed her mom to the couple’s table and she can be heard saying, “So, Facebook, this is what racist people look like.”

As a heated confrontation ensued between the mom and the couple, the white man began calling the girl and her mother “g** damn n***ers” and then the woman chimed in, repeating his sentiments and calling the girl’s mother a “b**ch” and a “h**” several times.

The teen never stopped recording the entire ordeal as her mother became increasingly agitated and began calling the white man a “h**ky.”

The race-driven insults flew back and forth until the white woman completely crossed the line and told the mother and daughter to take their “n***er a**es back to Africa!” The mother responded by informing her she was born in America.

The infuriated white woman went even further with her racism and referenced slavery by exclaiming, “My ancestors owned your motherf***ing a**” and then proceeded to declare that “Black people don’t belong in America.”

The video was picked up and shared by Media Takeout and has been viewed more than three million times since it was posted yesterday.

The comment thread is filled with people expressing contempt for the white couple’s behavior who allegedly started the altercation by cursing at the young girl.

In the video, the girl explained that she recorded the incident to show the reality of racism despite the fact that many believe it no longer exists.

“You know, I had to record it to let you all see," she said. "Because it’s real in San Antonio too — for everyone who thinks it’s not real, it’s real in San Antonio.”

The cringe-worthy video is laced with so many deplorable remarks, it's difficult to watch. 

WARNING: The video below contains strong language that may be inappropriate or disturbing to some viewers. 

Banner Photo Credit: Facebook, Mediatakeout

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