Teens Invite Black Friend To Prom With Incredibly Racist Promposal

“You may be picking cotton, but we’re picking you to go to the prom with us,” wrote the two white girls on cardboard.



There are many ways to invite someone to a prom. Reminding them of the history of slavery is not one of them.

Two white girls at Monarch High School in Coconut Creek, Florida, recently found themselves in the center of a controversy after they invited an African-American friend to prom.

The girls, whose identities have not yet been revealed, asked one of their softball team members to the most anticipated event of a high school senior, with a very racist promposal using a cardboard imprinted with the words, “You may be picking cotton, but we’re picking you to go to the prom with us.”

One girl posted the picture to her Instagram account where it was captured by Jon Aro, an 18-year-old student from Palm Beach State College, who shared it publicly.

“I decided to post it on Twitter because it is 2017 and stuff like this is completely revolting,” Aro explained. “I had thought we had been past the plight of racism. Apparently we hadn’t. Just as she decided to take a picture of it, let alone post it on social media, I decided to do the same.”

But what’s even more surprising is that the girl said yes. You can see her smiling in the picture. However, the social media community was not amused by the promposal.







Some Twitter users tried to track the girls using their social media accounts but they were deleted. A few students who go to the school think there have been serious repercussions for the girls, perhaps even suspension and revoked scholarships, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

It is very sad to see that senior high school students do not have enough intelligence to realize how racist they have been. It’s also stunning to see the black girl accepted their invitation. Making jokes about slavery is not funny in the least; on the contrary, it is very disrespectful to black people, some of who may have had ancestors who were slaves. It’s been decades since the Jim Crow era but even to this day, its effects can still be felt in the form of disproportionate black arrests, police brutality, academic discrimination and institutionalized poverty.

Making light of the horrors African American slaves had to endure is extremely shameful and completely unacceptable.

Even so, this isn’t the only instance of racist invitation to prom in schools. Other minorities, not just black people, have endured similar cases of discrimination.





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