White Gov Candidate Stars In Ad With MLK Blackface, Blames Black Rival

In her desperate attempt to bag African-American voters, Stacey Evans created a tone-deaf campaign ad that would be sure to alienate her from black people.



A white gubernatorial candidate in Georgia is getting a lot of flak for her campaign advertisement, in which she did a blackface of Martin Luther King — and then blamed her African-American opponent for the backlash.

Stacey Evans, a 39-year-old lawyer and former Georgia state representative, is now running a campaign to be the Democratic nominee for governor. Her opponent is Stacey Abrams, a former lawyer and author, who is running to be the first black female governor in America.

It seems in her desperate attempt to bag African-American voters, Evans went to Martin Luther King’s historic Ebenezer Baptist Church and shot a campaign advert, looking pious and surrounded by black parishioners — none of them who knew they were being filmed.

Not only was the ad racially insensitive, the entitled Evans did not think of acquiring the parishioners’ consent and many people were shocked to see themselves become inadvertent supporters of Evans in the campaign ad. However, the worst came at the end. Just as the cringe-worthy ad was about to close, an image of King came onto the screen — which was superimposed by Evans’ face. It is difficult to comprehend what the gubernatorial candidate intended to show by that. Did she consider herself a white Martin Luther King? Whatever it meant, the image certainly seemed tantamount to blackface.

This type of stupid campaign stunt usually comes from people who do not have black staff on board their team or at least those who are not deemed important enough. Such is not the case with Evans’ campaign, whose chief campaign manager, Candice Franklin, is black. However, according to The Root, none of them seemed to know how the video got made.

Evans’ gaffe has sparked outrage.




However, instead of apologizing for her tone-deaf ad, Evans’ campaign responded by blaming her opponent, Stacey Abrams, for sparking criticism.

“No matter how much others may seek division for political gain, we will remain focused on bringing Georgians together to win this election and accomplish those goals,” Evans said in a statement.

So Evans didn't just use MLK as blackface but she also blamed a black woman for the backlash her stupidity has caused. Such is the white privilege in our country.

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