WH Aides Intentionally Use Poor Grammar In Trump's Tweets: Report

“Trump uses social media as a weapon to control the news cycle. It works like a charm. His tweets are tactical rather than substantive.”

Donald Trump

It is a well-known fact that President Donald Trump loves to spend time on Twitter and usually spends his morning tweeting from his bed.

He also takes “executive time” in the Oval Office every morning from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. he spends his time watching TV and perusing Twitter at his residence. However, the president often ends up making typos while launching groan-inducing tirades on the social media platform.

It has now emerged Trump doesn’t tweet himself all the time and his aides at the White House who compose his tweets reportedly add grammatical errors on purpose so that the tweets sound like him. The staffers also apparently overuse exclamation marks and use capitalized words.

Aides also loosely connect ideas and write in sentence fragments to reflect the president’s style.

According The Boston Globe, staffers provide him options to choose from when he isn’t tweeting himself on a certain topic. The president then chooses the tweet he like the most and it goes on the social media platform from his account.

However, White House aides don’t intentionally misspell words or names. Although Trump’s Twitter errors may look irresponsible, he is reportedly actually using that style to gather support.

"Trump uses social media as a weapon to control the news cycle. It works like a charm. His tweets are tactical rather than substantive,” said George Lakoff, a Professor Emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley and expert on cognitive science and linguistics.

Grammatical errors and typos have become part of the president’s identity.

He also has a penchant for deleting tweets with errors.

Just hours after assuming office in Jan. 2017, in all his excitement (read: ignorance), he posted a tweet informing people how honored he was with his new position. Tragically, the statement was marred with a spelling mistake.

However, he quickly deleted the tweet and corrected the spelling of “honored” in a new tweet. Months later, he broke the internet with another cryptic tweet.

He just wrote covfefe. Interestingly, this time around no one deleted the tweet and it remained on the real estate magnate’s official Twitter page for hours.

And after being in the White House for more than a year now, Trump is still tweeting with spelling mistakes.

This time around, Trump could not contain his excitement, as First Lady Melania Trump made way to The White House after treatment for a kidney condition; apparently so much he forgot how to spell her name.

“Melanie is doing and feeling really well,” Trump’s welcome back tweet read. And Even though “Melanie” was soon replaced with “Melania,” he tweeted.

However, just moments later, he deleted the tweet and posted a new one with the corrected spelling.

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