White House Aims To Crackdown On Leakers After McCain Leak

Trump is furious he gets the “worst press” due to White House leakers and it over shadows his accomplishments.

President Donald Trump’s woes with White House leaks seem to be growing with each passing day with the White House eyeing on shrinking the communications team to curb the problem.

According to The Hill, the ongoing crackdown on leaks came after a junior aide was caught recording meetings with Trump and later playing them to impress his friends.

Ever since Trump became president, he has been rather unsuccessful in containing his staff from speaking to the press. Even though he claimed the leaks are an “over-exaggeration” by the press, he seemed to be pretty worried about these “non-existent” leakers.

Amid a broader effort to curb White House leaks, aides are required to leave their cellphones in lockers.

According to The New York Times, Trump blamed his communication team for “the worst press” that supposedly overshadows his achievements in the office.

Ever since the distasteful joke about Senator John McCain made by Kelly Sadler was leaked, the White House has suspended its daily communications staff meeting. The meeting housed more than 24 communications and press staffers daily but in the wake of the McCain leak has been cancelled indefinitely.

CNN sources claim, the latest crackdown on leaks after Sadler’s McCain “joke” was made public may include shrinking down the commutations team.

Staffers would not be fired directly but shifted out to other departments outside the White House. The reason for not immediately firing comes because the senior officials have no idea who is actually leaking information.

Some White House officials recently revealed how they cover their tracks after leaking information.

Officials also confirmed to CNN, the White House still has no idea who leaked Sadler’s comment. It’s amusing how the White House is more concerned about who leaked the comment rather than what Sadler said.

The decision to strike down officials from the communications team is reflective of the age old feud between the press team and the communications team.

The press team is smaller, head by Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. On the other hand, the communications team, ever since the departure of Hope Hicks, has been led by Mercedes Schlapp, who oversees almost two dozen staffers.

The paranoia regarding leaks has settled deep within the White House, with chief of staff John Kelly also reducing senior staff meetings from thrice to once-a-week.

"I think in some cases in terms of staffing or serving the President that first six months was pretty chaotic and there were people -- some people hired that maybe shouldn't have hired some people that were -- it was just, I wish I'd been here from the beginning because I could have brought the organization from, you know, from Day One. ... Now it's not that things were a disaster for that six months, but I believe they could have been better," Kelly recently told NPR.

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