Sarah Sanders: You Can’t Question John Kelly — Because He’s A General

“I think that if you want to get into a debate with a four-star Marine general, then I think that’s something highly inappropriate,” said the press secretary.

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In yet another attempt to silence freedom of speech, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told a reporter it was wrong to question a general.

When questioned about White House Chief of Staff John Kelly defending President Donald Trump’s allegedly insensitive remarks to a slain soldier’s wife and slamming Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (D-FL) for exposing the conversation, Sander’s asserted it is wrong to question generals.

“If you want to go after Gen. Kelly, that’s up to you. But I think that if you want to get into a debate with a four-star Marine general, then I think that’s something highly inappropriate," Sanders said at a recent press briefing — giving a glimpse into the autocratic mindset of the administration.

Myeisha Johnson’s husband, Army Sergeant La David T. Johnson, was killed in Niger earlier this month. When Trump called to offer condolences, Wilson seated next to the widow and later recounted Trump's insensitive remarks.

Johnson received the call from Trump while waiting at an airport to receive her husband's remains. 

The Democratic congresswoman also criticized the president for allegedly not even knowing the fallen soldier’s name.

Following her accusations, Kelly defended Trump and accused Wilson of taking full credit of securing funds for an FBI building in Miramar, Florida.

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“And we were stunned — stunned that she'd done it," Kelly said. "Even for someone that is that empty a barrel, we were stunned."

There's just one major problems with Kelly's attack.

“I was not even in Congress in 2009 when the money for the building was secured,” she said. She added the use of the term “empty barrel” was racist.

Video from the speech Kelly alluded to in 2015 confirms Wilson’s account that she, in fact, didn’t take credit for the funds to pay for the building.

However, Sanders continued to defend Kelly, saying the video didn’t capture everything that took place at the event. She also criticized the congresswoman.

“There was a lot of grandstanding,” said Sanders. “[Kelly] was stunned that she took that opportunity to make it about herself.”

However, Sanders making such comments and telling reporters it was wrong to question Kelly about his wrongful accusations reflects how Trump team doesn’t appear to think much of America’s constitutional democracy — or freedom of speech, for that matter.

People on social media had to say a lot about Sander’s unreasonable response.














Meanwhile, in an apparent bid to do some damage control, the White House has released a statement saying:

“Of course everyone can be questioned but after witnessing Gen. Kelly's heartfelt and somber account, we should all be able to agree that impugning his credibility on how best to honor fallen heroes is not appropriate.”

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