The White House Spring Intern Class Is Startlingly White

Many compared the interns to those in the Obama-era and the startling difference in racial and ethnic representation between the two groups.

White House

The White House just released a portrait of its class of 2018 spring interns and it literally gives a whole new meaning to the “white” in the White House.

As President Donald Trump posed with a 91-member class on March 30, Twitter users were quick to point out the interns lacked diversity, to put it mildly. Many compared the interns to those in the Obama-era and the startling difference in ethnic representation in the interns serving the White House in 2018.



Trump has already been accused of racial and gender discrimination, when he called certain African countries, “shithole” countries. He also drafted a “Muslim ban” that came under fire for marginalizing ethnicities and inculcating an extremist mind set into the general American population. The Trump administration has also been involved in long standing prejudice against undocumented immigrants after the president ordered a repeal of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) deal and administration officials reportedly forced DREAMers in custody to complete their pregnancy terms against their will. Trump also has been adamant on building a Mexican border wall, so much so, he threatened to veto the omnibus spending bill because it lacked funding for the wall. The list goes on and on.

One would assume that Trump would look to shut down these reports and make sure people of color are added into the mix to show a complete picture of an ethnically diverse America. However, the president, or whoever picked the new class of interns, made no attempt for a more inclusive class of 91 individuals.

Naturally, Twitter users went all in on the Trump administration for excluding a vast chunk of American population to present an unrealistic picture of a beautifully diverse nation.









The White House has declined to comment on the reaction to the intern photo or confirm the amount of people of color that applied for the internship.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

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