White House To Punish Legal Immigrants Who Utilized Welfare Programs

Legal immigrants in America would face greater burdens in obtaining citizenship status under a new policy being cooked up by the administration.

Donald Trump

The legacy of President Donald Trump will forever be tarnished due to his administration separating and caging immigrant children crossing the southern U.S. border away from their parents.

You would think that’d be enough to cause the administration to slow down its efforts at implementing new policies targeting immigrants. But now a new plan is in the works, this time punishing legal immigrants in America who have done nothing but follow the rules, making it harder for them to become citizens.

Under a proposal orchestrated by adviser Stephen Miller, immigrants who are not yet citizens but in the country legally (such as guest workers or family members of citizens), would be forced to navigate a stricter set of standards, limiting their chances of attaining citizenship in the U.S.

The White House plan would make it so that these immigrants would face more scrutiny if they ever used a welfare benefits program, including the Affordable Care Act, food stamps, and even health care programs for their children.

These programs do not ordinarily restrict non-citizens from using them. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), for instance, allows legal immigrants to use the program under certain parameters.

Yet, despite these individuals properly using these programs when they’re needed, the White House seems hellbent on punishing those who are in the country legally. Worse yet, the proposal wouldn’t require congressional approval to implement it, according to sources with knowledge of the plan.

This would be a shift in the White House’s priorities in a big way. Rather than targeting undocumented immigrants in America, Trump is now going after immigrants who are in the country legitimately. The White House, in effect, is trying to change the rules so they can punish otherwise law-abiding individuals.

It seems blatantly obvious that this is a bigoted move against immigrants in general. Indeed, given Miller's past regarding his views on immigrants, as well as Trump's comments of immigrants from places he calls "s***hole countries," it'd be foolish to see this as anything other than a policy based on hate rather than need.

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