Heavily Armed White Man Arrested Safely After Shooting At Deputy

Apparently, you can get away with everything if you are white.

A 62-year-old white man named William Bruce Ray in North Carolina was arrested alive despite pointing a shotgun at passing cars and then firing a handgun at a sheriff’s deputy who tried to arrest him.

Deputy D.R. Farmer saw Ray standing near the road in Wake County, brandishing his gun at motorists. When the deputy tried to confront the man, he pointed the weapon at him.

“The deputy luckily grabbed the barrel and pushed him back,” said Sheriff Donnie Harrison. “The man says, ‘I got something for you’ and reached in his pocket and came back with a pistol.”

Farmer was able to safely arrested Ray who, according to the authorities, appeared to have been heavily intoxicated.

“Luckily, nobody got hurt, that’s the good thing,” Henderson added. “God was looking out for us. (Ray) was very fortunate that he didn’t get shot, very fortunate that anybody didn’t get shot.”

Ray was charged with assaulting a law enforcement officer with a firearm and damage to personal property, and authorities said he would likely be charged with attempted murder. He remains jailed on $150,000 bond.

Although no one fortunately got hurt, the incident has drawn comparisons to recent police shootings of two African American men, Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, which shook the nation this week. 

Of course, these are not calls for more death at the hands of police, but instead a stark reminder of a law enforcement culture that increasingly seems to shoot first and ask questions later when it comes to black people. Every officer can learn from Deputy D.R. Farmer's example of diffusing a potentially deadly situation with calm bravery, not guns blazing.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters

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