White Man Threatens Indian Family: 'I Would Kill Your Children First'

“I’m racist as f***, I don’t like you. I don’t like her. I would kill your children first,” yelled the racist man.


A white man in Canada berated an Indian family, who were actually Canadian citizens.  He also threatened them and tried to run over his vehicle on them.

A disturbing video shows the white man harassing the family. What happened before the footage is still not clear. What is clear though is that the unnamed white man proved what a racist, bigot and extremist he was.

In the footage, the bigoted man driving a silver Chevy pickup in a Wal-Mart parking lot can be seen harassing an Indian man, after the Indian man asks him what kind of example he wanted to set, referring to his child who had to encounter this racism.

According to sources, the altercation began after the couple tried to get in a parking space. Apparently, they got in the white man’s way which infuriated him.

At one point in the video, the bigot can be seen almost running over the woman who was recording the video.

“Oops,” he said before yelling, “Get out of the way.”

The Indian man grabs the white man’s arm but the hate spewing man doesn’t stop. "You put your f***ing hands on me I will break your leg," he threatened. "You're the one trying to harass me."

The Indian man tells the racist that he was in fact a Canadian citizen. “You want me to go to my own country? I'm a Canadian citizen," he said.

"Show me. Prove it. I don't believe you," yelled the man, before rudely mimicking the other man’s accent.  "I'm racist as f***. I don't like you, I don't like her," he continued.  "I would kill your children first."

According to police, the incident is being investigated as a hate-crime. They also said that the woman only suffered minor injuries.

Such disturbing videos prove how white people suffer with a superiority complex and casually discriminate people of color.  Just recently, a white man publically threatened a Muslim family who were minding their own business at the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal. A security guard showed up at the scene but did not do anything to stop the man, who kept yelling at the Muslim family at the top of his lungs, threatening them.

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

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