White Man Believed To Be Racist Fatally Stabs Black Man Outside Bar

After the incident, suspect Joden Rocco fled the scene. His brilliant escape plan involved flagging down a police officer and asking for a ride home.

If you want to see the face of pure, unadulterated racism, look no further than 24-year-old Joden Rocco, who has been charged in the stabbing death of a black man in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Rocco, a white man, allegedly attacked 24-year-old Dulane Cameron Jr., who is black, after being barred from entering the Tequila Cowboy bar, The Root reports.

Upon leaving the bar, Rocco was allegedly aggravated and looking for confrontation. Police said that when he encountered Cameron and his friend, Trei Hendon, he was seen in surveillance footage “appearing to be very aggressive” when he “all of a sudden” launched an attack on the men, trying to punch them.

Cameron and Hendon were seen trying to back away from the irate man when just moments later, a shirtless Rocco removed an object from his pants and moved in on Cameron and Hendon.

Rocco is now accused of fatally stabbing Cameron in the neck.

After the incident, Rocco fled the scene. His brilliant escape plan involved flagging down a police officer and asking for a ride home.

He was ultimately identified by a nearby witness and taken into custody. However, it's truly jarring that he would be so arrogant to try getting a ride home from a cop after stabbing another man to death.

In addition to clearly being blinded by white privilege and entitlement, it is believed that Rocco was racist.

An Instagram video obtained by local CBS affiliate WDKA, appears to show Rocco making racist comments, stating that he wanted to go to bars and see how many times he could get away with using the N-word before being kicked out. The video is undated, so it may not be from the same day as the stabbing. However, the footage is still a testament to Rocco's racist nature.  

Violence is reprehensible, regardless of the motive. However, violence against innocent people driven by hate for the color of their skin is especially sickening. The Pittsburgh community must come together and demand that justice is served for Cameron, whose life was brutally taken by someone who clearly has no regard for humanity. 

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