White Man Encouraged 4YO Son To Hurl N-Word At Black Neighbor

Police also added that the elderly black woman was “visibly shaken” when she reported the incident.

A white man was arrested in Cleveland, Ohio after he reportedly harassed his 70-year-old black neighbor by repeatedly hurling racial slurs.

To make matters worse, he also engaged his toddler son to call the woman the n-word.

According to police, the elderly woman  claimed the man, Keirian Kelly, threatened to stab her several times. 

The two are neighbors at an apartment building in downtown Cleveland. Troubles between the two started three months ago when the woman accidently fell into Kelly’s wife in the apartment lobby.

After the accident, the couple immediately started berating the elderly woman. However, after a few minutes the wife calmed down but Kelly remained angry.

He continued to abuse and threaten her and upon confrontation he also called her the n-word. In another incident, Kelly said he would stab her while beating his chest. That is when the security guard interrupted him and called the police.

Kelly was arrested but was released later and no charges were filed against him at that time.

In another account, the racist man started yelling racial slurs at the woman as she walked down the street. He also approached her, spat on her, hurled a racial slur and once again threatened to kill her and her son.

The abuse didn’t end there – it worsened.

Kelly apparently encouraged his 4-year-old son into calling her the n-word slur. Shocked by the move, the woman started fearing for her life and reported to the police.

The man was arrested and fortunately this time was charged with ethnic intimidation, a fifth-degree felony.

Police also added that the victim was “visibly shaken” when she reported the incident.

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