White Man Tries To Rob 2 Black Men — Then Lies About Being The Victim

It has emerged the brothers were, in fact, the victims and the accuser was the perpetrator.

Black Men

Two brothers in St. Louis were able to avoid robbery charges, thanks to their mother's relentless efforts to stop a major miscarriage of justice.

Christopher and Jerry Tate, 25 and 23, could have been jailed after they were accused of robbing and beating up a man last summer.

However, nearly six months later, it has emerged the brothers were, in fact, the victims and the accuser was the perpetrator.

Twenty nine-year-old Patrick John Owens had robbed them at gunpoint and later framed them as his attackers after shooting Christopher, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Owens is white and the Tates are black and they believe race played a huge part in their nearly six-month-old ordeal.

Here's what Owens told the police: He said he parked his car on Aug. 26, 2017, when two men, the Tate brothers, started punching and kicking him. The assault, Owens claimed, prompted him to take out a gun and fire at his attackers, who fled. Then, somehow, he lost his gun.

When the police arrived, they saw the brothers running. At the time, St. Louis, the police told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch one of the suspects was seen hiding a gun, which later turned out to be Owens', in a flowerpot.

However, the truth turned out to be quite different.

Thanks to the Tate brothers' mother, who pushed the police to review surveillance footage, police saw Owens was the one who tried to rob the two men.

Here's what the CCTV footage showed: Owens approached the brothers and asked them for a ride. Then he suddenly pulled a gun on them and said, “Give me your wallet!”

The brothers refused to give up their belongings and a fight ensued. Owens fired a shot and a bullet hit Christopher. Despite the injury, the brothers were able to get hold of the gun. When the three started running, they ran into the cops. When the brothers tried to tell the officers the truth, officers didn't believe them, according to Jerry Tate.

“They didn’t listen to us at all,” he stated.

Immediately after the incident, Christopher was treated at a hospital. Jerry was jailed but released without charges as the police continued the probe.

Now, thanks to the video evidence, the real culprit has been charged. His bail was set at $250,000.

Thumbnail Credits: St. Louis Police Department

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