White Man Pulls Gun On Black Students Going To Friend’s Apartment

“We were shook because we hadn’t said anything to him we were just standing there and then he closed the door and locked it.”



It appears with every passing day the experience of being an African American in the country is becoming more and more daunting.

In the latest news of a white person interrupting a person of color’s rather normal day for absolutely no good reason, a white man reportedly confronted students from the Florida A&M University while they were waiting to get into a friend’s apartment building.

In a now-viral social media video reportedly captured by one of the students, Isaiah Butterfield, a white man wearing a baseball cap could be seen arguing with black students outside the Stadium Centre apartments in Tallahassee.

At one point, the unidentified man pulled out a gun in an apparent effort to stop the students from getting into an elevator.

According to Butterfield, he along with his three friends — Stephen Brooks, Joshua Cosby, and Fitzroy Rhoden —were standing at the garage entrance to the apartment building with the intention of visiting their other friend, Zavian Flowers, who had just moved in.

As they waited for their friend to let them in, the unidentified white man came by and told the group they were not getting into the building unless they were residents with keys.

“We were shook because we hadn’t said anything to him we were just standing there and then he closed the door and locked it,” said Butterfield.

The white man reportedly continued to harass the students until another white man, identified as Chad, intervened on the group’s behalf.

“He came at us for no reason and that’s when Chad walked up and I started recording,” Butterfield recalled. “Chad stood up for us and pushed back on the guy and said we could come in with him.”

As the man in the baseball cap continued to block the door, Chad said, "You're just not man enough to go about your day."

“Look, limp d**k, don’t f***ing walk into a conversation that’s none of your—” the man in the cap responded.

The situation escalated when Brooks, one of the FAMU juniors, caught the door and pulled it back open as the rest of the group followed the man to the elevator. During the heated exchange, the man in question also reportedly proclaimed it was his elevator and refused to let any of the FAMU students in.

According to the video footage, the man in baseball cap then produced a gun while repeatedly telling the students they didn’t belong there.

“He made sure we saw that he had a gun so we didn't get in the elevator,” added Butterfield.

Fortunately, before the situation went out of hands, Flowers appeared and took his friends into the apartment.

“We tried to not let it blow our night but it did,” said Butterfield. “At the time it felt so unreal but we slept on it and once we woke up in the morning and processed what happened we decided to report it to the police.”

The Tallahassee police took notice of the matter and said detectives were still conducting interviews.

However, what’s even more unusual is the man who was apparently so worried about who gets into the apartment building was not even a resident there, as confirmed by the apartment complex.

Moreover, the management also said the building is an off-campus housing to college students in Tallahassee.

“Firearms are prohibited on our property and we take this matter very seriously,” Stadium Centre’s management said in the message. “Moreover, we are firmly committed to creating a diverse residential community that is inclusive and welcoming to all.”

So, basically the unidentified man randomly decided to threaten and intimidate a group of black kids while not even being the resident of that building. That’s just ridiculous. A bunch of African-American people just minding their own business certainly pose much less danger to the country than bigots who apparently move around with firearms, bullying people of color.

As the video went viral on the social media, online users identified the man in baseball cap as an employee of Baymont Inn & Suites by Wyndham Hotels.

“We are aware of the exchange that took place and are troubled by it," said Kathryn Zambito, director of global communications for Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Inc. "While we do not own or operate the hotel in question, nor do we employ the people who work there, we are looking into the situation with the hotel’s owner."

A local activist group, the Tallahassee Community Action Committee (TCAC), called for the person in question to be fired and said his actions were racially-motivated.

"We felt it was really important for us to make a stand and let people know we won’t allow racism in Tallahassee and we must fight against it,” said Regina Joseph, a TCAC co-founder. "We are not going to be silent when it comes to this issue."

As of yet, no arrests have been made. However, it’s important the man in question is held accountable for his needless intervention or else racist men like him will continue to make the lives of minority communities in the country even harder.

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