White Restaurant Owner Allegedly Vowed To Keep 'N**s' In Their Place

“Let's be clear here. Being drunk doesn't make you racist. Being racist makes you racist. Being drunk just removes your filter.”


A restaurant owner who happened to be white thought it was OK to blatantly discriminate against black men while having a conversation with a white musician.

It isn’t.

The owner of Main Street Public House situated in Columbia, S.C.,  Jimmy Latulipe, allegedly told a white musician, Don Merckle, that he doesn’t have to worry about playing at his restaurant because he was going to keep the “n*****s” in their place.

The racist owner didn’t know he was confiding in the wrong white man.  All people with light skin color are not racist. Some of them believe in equality.

Latulipe wanted to talk to the signer and his drummer, Brian Widlowski, so he pulled them out because it was really loud inside the restaurant. Merckle thought he misunderstood what Latulipe was trying to say and told him to repeat himself. Widlowski also made it clear that what he heard was not OK. The singer also added later that one of his band members was black and he would not tolerate anyone degrading him or any other black person.

It was at this point the bigoted owner realized the other two men weren’t racially prejudiced like him. So he tried to backtrack from his statement and called a bartender to smooth things out.

But what the bartender said was even more appalling.

 "You guys have it all wrong. Jimmy’s cool with ni****’s, he just wants n*****s out of his place. You know, with a hard R," he said.

Merckle and Widlowski had had enough and told the bartender they were not going to perform for such racist people. Later, the bartender claimed Latulipe was a good person but acted that way because he was drunk.

However, the singer made it very clear in his Facebook post that “being drunk doesn't make you racist. Being racist makes you racist.” He then called for a ban of the restaurant.

The restaurant has placed Latulipe on an "indefinite leave of absence” till the incident was being investigated.

Such incidents where people in power, who have a say in the society, openly discriminating against people of color is the reason why many black men have been asked to leave restaurants - even when the staff doesn’t have a reason.

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