Woman Assaults Korean Grandma After Allegedly Screaming ‘White Power’

Although the witnesses claim they heard the suspect shouting racial epithets, the police said there is no evidence that it was a hate crime.

Racism clearly knows no bounds.

An 83-year-old Korean woman was going about her day in Los Angeles’ Koreatown when out of nowhere a white woman approached her from behind and punched her right in the head. The attack knocked the elderly woman to the ground, according to witness Joongang Ilbo, who also claimed the assailant yelled “white power.”

The gut-wrenching picture of the unnamed woman, sitting on a pavement with a cloth pressed to her cheek and blood spattered all around her, immediately went viral on social media. 

LAPD Sgt. Randy Espinoza, who said officers were called to the corner of Western Avenue and Council Street on report of a battery, told the Los Angeles Times the grandma “suffered a one-inch cut to her left cheek as a result of the fall and had pain in her knee.”

The attacker tried to flee the scene but the police soon detained her.

She first gave her name as Patty Garcia but fingerprints identified her as 27-year-old Alexis Duvall.

Koreatown resident Seng Vongphrachanh did not see the attack but he said he witnessed Duvall repeatedly yell “power is power” and the N-word in the moments following the assault.

He said Duvall appeared “out of it” and added that he gave detectives the same account.

Another witness, Linda Lee, who is also a friend of the elderly woman, also shared a similar story on Facebook, claiming she heard the assailant yell “white power” before running away.

Although multiple witness accounts point to the incident being a hate crime, Espinoza maintained there was no evidence to suggest the incident was racially motivated. Instead, he believed the Caucasian woman was either under influence or mentally troubled.

Duvall also yelled obscenities at the cops as they booked her and told them she was homeless.

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