'White Privilege Club' Member Tries To Run Over Trumpcare Protesters

The rider, who was identified later as one of the administrators of a "white privilege" group on Facebook, was later arrested. Nobody was hurt.

The shocking moment a “White Privilege Club” administrator drove his motorcycle through a group of protesters on Wednesday was caught on camera. Now that the internet knows who he is, his record as a die-hard President Donald Trump supporter and proud white man is being dissected online.

On Wednesday, a group of demonstrators were staging a “die-in” protest against Senate GOP's health care reform bill. As some of the protesters laid down on Seventh Street near Mission Street in San Francisco, California, motorcycle rider Jeffrey Dillon was seen turning the wrong direction on a one-way street, gearing up to drive toward the people lying down.

As he drove toward them, protesters rolled out of the street. The rider then turned around and took aim at them once again, driving back from the opposite side.

According to witness Tracey Brieger, the man was “revving and revving, he was gunning it, aiming at people who were laying down.”

He was heard telling the crowd “[i]f you want to go to the hospital, here you go.”

“You will have health care if you people stop protesting,” he also allegedly added.

The demonstration was organized by Bay Resistance, an organization that hopes to help communities resist Trump's policies, and Senior and Disability Action, a group that mobilizes senior citizens to fight for individual rights and social justice. Many present at the event were elderly.

Emily Lee, a spokeswoman for Bay Resistance, said the driver was “definitely targeting us.”

“Everyone thought he was just confused, but he didn't stop, and at some point it became clear he was going to come through the crowd and people jumped out of the way,” she added.

Police promptly arrived at the scene, surrounding the motorcycle and ordering the man off the vehicle. He was then taken into custody.

While officers did not release the man's information, internet users quickly identified him as the same Dillon who serves as one of the administrators for the White Privilege Club, a Facebook group.

In a post, Dillon said the group isn't a “racist site/group, it is the exact opposite.”

“It is a celebration of our culture and who we are,” he added. “I am proud of who I am and my people. The media and these social justice warriors are going to try to shame us with the words ‘white privilege,’ well we will throw it right back at them and wear it as a badge of honor.”

Police have yet to confirm whether any charges will be pressed against the man.

While we are thankful nobody got hurt, it's troubling to see someone so dedicated to a hateful cause acting this way, especially now that driving into protesters may soon be protected in many states thanks to the efforts of some Republican lawmakers.

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