White Man Hits And Drags Black Woman With Truck, Calls Her The N-Word

Breeja was hit and dragged by the truck as the man sped away. As a result the skin from her arm, shoulders, hand and chin was ripped off.


@Regrann from @_humbledd - I Hardly Ever Do This But Today I Have TIME ! On May 20th 2018 My Cousin Breeja Wilkins Pulled Over On i-95 On The CORRECT Side Of The Highway To Fix Her Vehicle While Having Her Hazard Lights Flashing And Not Being A Danger To The Traffic At All And As She Is Fixing Her Vehicle In 80 Degree Weather With Her Shirt Off And Tank Top On A Caucasian Older Man His Wife Pull Over In A SUV And Began To Tell Breeja to Put Her Shirt Back On Ans After She Refused He Then Began To Call Her -> Bitch , Nigger , Mother Fucker , Etc. (Mind You She’s Literally Just Fixing Her Vehicle On A Public Highway In Prince William County) The Man Begins To Start His Car And Shes Thinking He’s Leaving An Going about his day But INSTEAD He Runs Her Over With His Suv Truck And Carries Her Body With The Car As He’s Driving Off .... pictures include her 3rd Degree Burns As Well As Skin Removed From Other Parts Of Her Body To Be Placed On Her Arms Where All Her Skin Was Gone .. So Now The Police Come Wich Include @pwcpolice FINEST And Do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!! I know we are Minorities in the eyes of the white man but the fact you guys didn’t even ATTEMPT TO FIND THE MONSTER WHO DID THIS MAKES YOU GUYS WORSE THAN HIM. And let me not forget how you tried to scare her by threatening to charge her for being stopped on the highway ???? she deserves justice and her own city has failed her TREMENDOUSLY so now we expose @pwcpolice and ask for everyone to “@“ the local news ?? thank you. #JusticeForBreeja . Repost . @fox5dc @939wkys @fox5dc @fox5dc @fox5dc @fox5dc @fox5dc @fox5dc @fox5dc @foxnews - #regrann

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Another day, another horrific incident of racism against a person of color.

The family of 21-year-old Breeja Wilkins is calling for justice after the Virginia woman was called the n-word by a white driver and struck by his truck.

On May 20, Wilkins was driving with her girlfriend on Interstate 95 when they heard a strange sound coming from their tire. Wilkins parked her car and stepped out of the vehicle to check her tire. Because it was hot, she also took off her shirt to cool down. That’s when a white man in a pickup truck, identified as Robert T McGee, needlessly stopped near them and started yelling obscenities, including the n-word, at her.

“He called her all kinds of names ... names I’m not going to say,” said her tearful mother, Shaunta.

Breeja then yelled back at the driver who got out of the truck. Her parents report she then moved to the front of the truck, at which point, McGee slipped back into the pickup and slammed the gas. Breeja was hit and dragged by the truck as the man sped away. The horrible hit-and-run incident was captured on video.

Wilkins was immediately taken to the hospital with serious but, thankfully, non-life-threatening injuries.

Photos posted on Instagram with the hashtag #JusticeforBreeja show the skin ripped from Wilkins’ arm, shoulder, hands and chin. Her mother claimed the doctors had to take off skin off of her thighs and then transplant it onto her arm and hands.

“It’s just very, very frustrating. I don’t know what else to do,” Wilkins’ mother said.

The elder woman and her partner Kevin Boston complained to Prince William County NAACP Chapter and said their daughter was a target of hate crime.

Police have obtained the footage for the incident but not released it to the public.

McGee was later charged with one felony count of hit and run and one misdemeanor account for assault — but not with a hate crime. Wilkins was also charged for “obstruction of traffic” — just because she was fixing her car.

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