White Shopper Calls Police On Black Woman For Parking In Public Space

A white woman assumed a public parking space belonged to her. It did not, but she went ahead and called the police on a black woman who parked in that space.


A white woman called the cops on a black woman because she parked her car in a public parking space.

Video footage taken by Gabriela Marie, a black woman who encountered racism at the hands of a white entitled woman, said she parked the car in a spot without realizing the white woman was waiting to get her car in it.

It was a public parking space, but the white woman thought it was hers. It wasn’t.

However, when Marie parked her car there, the white unnamed woman apparently got so upset, she blocked the parking garage’s entire lane with her car. “She gets out and taps on my back door of my vehicle and began to tell me that it was her parking space and that she was waiting on it,” said Marie.

“This lady is mad because I took her parking spot when she was over there and now she’s blocking this whole intersection,” she added, as she filmed the entitled white woman.

The white woman then went ahead and showed her phone to Marie before telling her she was calling the police. “You’re crazy,” Marie told her.

“She's calling the police because I'm parked in a public parking spot, that's awesome,” the black motorist added.

Marie mentioned on her Facebook post that police showed up later and asked the white woman to move her car, but she didn’t have time to record all that as she was getting late to work.

People have called the white woman “Parking Lot Patty” after the infamous “BBQ Becky,”  “Permit Patty” “Pool Patrol Paula” and “Permit Betty” who have all called 911 on black people for no good reason while they were going about their normal routines.


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