White Contractor Follows Black Man To Tell Him He Was A ‘Rude Ni****’

"I just want to let you know what a ni**** you are," said the state contractor after Lovett asked him how he could help.


It is 2018 and the stories about white men berating people of color just don’t seem to halt in Trump’s America.

In yet another display of blatant bigotry, a white entitled state contractor got so infuriated at a black man, he followed him for miles just to spew racial slurs at him.

Ohio contractor Jeffrey Whitman followed Charles Lovett all the way till his home. When the African-American youngster asked him how he could help, this is what he said: “I just want to let you know what a ni**** you are.”

The man continuously spread hate, repeatedly telling Lovett, “you’re a rude ni****.”

It all started when Whitman almost sideswiped Lovett’s car at an intersection near Interstate 71 in Columbus, but when Lovett honked at him, he got upset.

That horn apparently made Whitman so upset he couldn’t curtail his white entitlement, without realizing that Lovett’s vehicle could have gotten damaged had he not honked in time.

“I’m a ni**** because you can’t read street signs right?” Lovett said to the man sitting in a Uriahs Heating Cooling Refrigeration work vehicle. The contractor argued Lovett felt entitled to violatetraffic rules, just because he was black.

That was the most absurd argument in the history of all arguments and soon Lovett corrected him “How do I feel entitled?" Lovett responded. "You feel entitled because I'm black," he added.

The white man also accused Lovett of not having a job. "You got a job?" and "You paid for that?" he asked making an assumption that Lovett was jobless and didn’t own the car.

Lovett is a working professional. Even if he did not have a job and rented the car, Whitman had no right to racially abuse him.

Lovett then told Whitman he had this footage and he would report it to the police.

”I'm glad I got all this information that I'll be sending to the state, since you're a state contractor," he said, pointing at the truck that had a state license number of his company.

Whitman wasn’t scared and called Lovett “pathetic.”

However, that is not where Lovett’s misery ended. When the black man reported the matter to the Columbus police, they did not take any action.

Soon after watching the video of the altercation, several reporters contacted Whitman. The state contractor, who didn’t want to go on camera, said he regretted his actions, claiming “I lost my head.” But when a reporter asked him why he would call a black man the n-word, he hung up.

Racism has been on a rise in America for a while now. Just recently a black man celebrating a family reunion in a park was shot dead after he went to the washroom. The murderer is still out on the loose as police try to locate him.

Another disturbing story of racism that took place recently, includes the brutal killing of a black woman at an Oakland Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station. A white man, namely John Lee Cowell attacked an 18-year-old African-American youth, Nia Wilson, who died on the spot.

How the state contractor behaved with Lovett is just a trailer of the horror story black people live through almost every day in this country.

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