White Student Face Charges For Racist ‘Chicken’ Snapchat Rant

“Look at that f***** n*****, you know he’s on welfare. He probably can’t even buy any chicken,” said the white boy on Snapchat

A Pennsylvania teenager is facing charges after he reportedly posted a Snapchat video of an African American student eating chicken in October.

“He said, ‘Look at that f***** n*****, you know he’s on welfare. He probably can’t even buy any chicken,’” said Al Rivers, a friend of the black student’s family.

The black student retaliated and attacked the white student during a football game soon after. He was charged in juvenile court while the other  student suffered a concussion after he was punched and kicked repeatedly during the fight.


However, the black student’s attorney, Gary Asteak, said authorities did not take the racial aspect of the incident into account. They charged only the black student over the assault, but not the white student over the demeaning video.

The black student’s friend, Rivers said, that the boy had experienced other racist incidents as well.

“He had been going through some stuff for some years,” Rivers said. “One student actually threw a confederate flag at him. There were other slurs.”

"He reacted. He got into a fight with the kid and was arrested," he added. "He was provoked, but now he has a record and the other kid gets a reprimand. These things need to be dealt with fairly."

Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli agreed with Rivers and said a group of students who called themselves “rednecks” were responsible for racist incidents. After viewing the incendiary video, the attorney has now decided to pursue criminal charges against the white student as well.

“I found the video to be outrageous, insulting, demeaning, and a video that seriously disparages the African American male’s physical characteristics, and his African American race,” Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli told reporters on Tuesday.

Michael Moyer, an attorney for the white students admitted the video was “offensive, no question,” but “physically assaulting someone is worse.”

However, that is not strictly true. There have been incidents where instances of cyber bullying or verbal harassment at school have resulted in deaths of students. To be fair, physical assault and verbal or cyber bullying are both unacceptable.

The prosecutor said the white student will probably have to undergo racial sensitivity programs.

The school has 13 percent of non-white students and has reported eight such incidents during the past five years.

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