White Supremacists Attack Brothers Over A Cell Phone Sticker

“I didn’t think they would be so brazen as to patronize a bar in Manhattan like that. I go there all the time and never felt a bad feeling.”

In yet another clash between anti-fascists and white supremacists, two grad students were attacked by right-wing “skinheads” outside a bar on Lower East Side in New York City.

Reportedly, the neo-Nazi group was angered because one of the men had an anti-fascist sticker on his phone case.

The brothers, who remained unnamed, are students of Columbia University and said they were confronted by a group of people outside the bar when one of them noticed an anti-fascist sticker on one of their phones.

“One of the guys … sees [my brother’s] phone, grabs it and starts screaming, ‘I know what the f*** that means, I know what the f*** that sticker is, you need to get the f*** out of here.’ He throws the phone on the ground and they just start jumping us right in front of the bar,” said one of the students.

They further added they were assaulted by six or seven men who donned “211 Crew” patches and used brass knuckles.

“211 Crew” is described as an extremist, “violent white supremacist prison gang.”

“One of the guys pulled a knife on my brother first and starts slashing at him. Then the guy with the knife starts coming over to me… His buddy grabs him and I guess at that point they all decide to run off,” added the victim.

One of the suspects, John Young, 29, has been charged with assault. Both the brothers received care at a nearby hospital in Manhattan.

Soon after the incident, Clockwork Bar issued a statement saying it “does not endorse, sympathize, or invite the views of neo-Nazi, supremacist or any hate groups. They are not welcome in our bar.”

Just three weeks into Donald Trump's presidency, clashes between anti-fascists and white supremacists have escalated. Recently, white supremacist Richard Spencer was punched right on his face. The incident took place when he was giving an interview where he was surrounded by people who constantly interrupted his exchange.


During Trump’s toxic election campaign, white supremacists were given the green light to shamelessly express their most hateful beliefs and ideologies. Unfortunately, the president has ignited a dangerous flame that can’t be extinguished easily. The sanctity of diversity and multiculturalism has been forever changed for the worst.

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