Neo-Nazi Found Guilty Of Beating Black Man At Charlottesville Rally

Jacob Goodwin attacked DeAndre Harris along with other white supremacists at the rally. Harris was beaten up so fiercely he suffered head and spinal injuries.



A black man, DeAndre Harris, was viciously attacked by a group of white supremacists last year at the Charlottesville rally, during which people representing the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis and other hate groups marched with torches and chanted slogans like “blood and soil,” “one people,” “one nation” and “end immigration.”

Videos of the attack on the internet proved how the 20-year-old victim was being beaten by poles and sticks by a group of white supremacists in a parking garage.

One of the attackers, Jacob Scott Goodwin, was seen in the video wearing a military-style helmet with a shield in his hand while attacking Harris. Ten months after the attack, Goodwin was finally found guilty of malicious felony assault.

At the time, Goodwin wasn’t charged — the victim was.

Harris, who suffered a knee injury and a fractured wrist, concussion, abrasions, contusions across his body and a head laceration that required stitches, was actually accused of attacking one of the men who participated in his assault.

This blatant demonstration of white privilege caused a massive uproar on social media. Later the victim was found not guilty.

Now the jury has recommended a prison sentence of five to 20 years for Goodwin. However, an option of suspending the prison time also exists, along with a fine of $20,000. His attorney argued Harris was approaching Goodwin and the white supremacist only acted in self-defense.

However, it was evident from the video that this was not the case. “[Goodwin] came to exercise free speech. Mr. Harris went to abuse free speech — not to exercise it, but abuse it,” said the attorney.

“I thought he was a be honest, I was terrified,” Goodwin said.  The white supremacist added he was scared of dying and that “I’d probably perish or be sent to the hospital and be terribly hurt.”

Nevertheless, the jury watched multiple videos of the attack that took place in August last year, where Goodwin can be seen hitting and kicking Harris after he fell on the floor. So his claims of attacking Harris after feeling threatened hold no merit.

Three other men have also been arrested for attacking Harris and spewing violence at the Charlottesville rally. Alex Michael Ramos of Georgia, Daniel Borden of Ohio and Tyler Watkins Davis of Florida, are all scheduled for trials.

An anti-racism activist, Heather D. Heyer, was killed in the rally after a white supremacist rammed his car in a group of counter protesters.

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