White Supremacist Site Wants To Drive Clinton Supporters To Suicide

The Daily Stormer has published a list of Twitter users who supported Hillary Clinton and advised its readers to harass them with disparaging tweets.

As we’ve seen hate crimes spike in the first few days since Donald Trump was elected president, white supremacists feel validated now more than ever in their efforts to promote division.

One of their first orders of business has been to target Hillary Clinton supporters with online bullying and harassment.

The neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer posted a list of more than 50 Twitter users who were fervid Clinton supporters and expressed fear surrounding the election outcome.

The website urged its readers to “punish” those Twitter users by trolling them with tweets that would drive them to suicide, USA TODAY reports.

“You can troll these people and definitely get some of them to kill themselves,” wrote the Daily Stormer’s publisher, Andrew Anglin.

Despite the fact that Trump has disavowed his white supremacist following, they feel his election is a victory for their values and agenda.

“We’re going to be hearing more about this — many different kinds of harassment of women, of people of color, of Muslims, linked directly to either Trump’s rhetoric or the alt right,” Sophie Bjork-James, a post-doctoral scholar at Vanderbilt University’s anthropology department, reportedly said.

The Daily Stormer also told its readers to berate Muslim women and “yell at them, tell them to go home.”

Following the election results, Jennifer Soto Segundo took to Twitter to express her fears. “I've never felt so hopeless and scared about my and America's future. I can't even function at the moment. I'm so scared,” she wrote.

The next day, she was bombarded with violent responses including one that told her to step into a gas chamber, prompting her to make her tweets private.

“I can’t fathom how these people have not only a hate website, they’re saying, 'Hey go bully these people who have their own opinions. Let’s push them to their breaking point because I think it's funny and it's for my entertainment,'” Soto Segundo reportedly told USA TODAY. “It’s childish and manipulative. These grown men and children should be ashamed of themselves.”

Trump, through his toxic campaign, has given these people the green light to shamelessly express their most hateful beliefs and ideologies.

Many optimists have suggested that, as president, Trump will likely approach foreign and domestic policy with a much more moderate attitude than he displayed throughout his campaign.

However, it ultimately doesn’t matter what he does from the Oval Office because he has already ignited a dangerous flame that can’t and won’t be extinguished easily. The sanctity of diversity and multiculturalism has been forever changed for the worst. 

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