White Supremacists Are Planning A Day Of Action Against Muslims

White nationalist groups are planning a march against Sharia law set for June 10. The march is rooted in nothing more than racism and Islamophobia.

Some very hateful plans are brewing, and it’s up to the champions of social justice to put a halt to them.

As Islamophobia rears its ugly head throughout the United States, and much of the western world, Anti-Fascist News reports that an anti-Muslim initiative is scheduled to take place on June 10 called the “National March Against Sharia.”

The event is being promoted by white nationalists and alt-right organizations, including Act for America — the main organizers — and the Proud Boys, among others.

Anti-Fascist News is calling for activists to organize counter-demonstrations to combat the hateful marches, which are planned for several major cities across the country, including Orlando, Chicago, Dallas, and New York.

Racists and Islamophobes have taken the rhetoric that President Donald Trump touts from the White House and latched on to it as a means to justify their unwarranted hatred.

As the publication also notes, there is no real threat of Sharia law or any other conservative clerical law being inflicted on the U.S. by Muslims, and the notion that there is has just been played up to pull non-political people into their movement.

This upcoming demonstration follows a string of hate crimes against Muslims that have been ongoing since Trump’s election and subsequent inauguration. Mosques have been burned, innocent people have been physically assaulted, and even non-Muslims who happen to be of Middle Eastern descent are being mistreated and discriminated against.

This effort is not a march against Sharia, but an attack on Islam.

Proud Boys Magazine posted a list on Facebook of all the cities that are currently expected to participate in the national march and the times.

Local residents in each city can join forces to shut these bigots down. 

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