White Supremacists Take DNA Tests To Boast About Their Racial Purity

But for some, the results are an unwelcome affront to their racist hatred.

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White supremacists are not only proud of their white heritage, but also believe their race is greater than every other race on the face of this planet. These bigoted folks think everyone with skin color darker than theirs is somehow inferior and that people should bow down to them.

It is bizarre how a person — or a large number of people, in this instance — could be so delusional as to believe all that, but if the recent violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, is any indication, thousands of people actually do believe they are racially superior. In fact, some white supremacists are even trying to use science to confirm their supposed supremacy.

Members of alt-right and neo-Nazi groups are turning to cheap and rapid genetic ancestry testing services, such as Ancestry.com and 23andMe, in order to scientifically prove their whiteness and then boast about it online.

For example:


What an achievement, right? (Not)

However, according to a recent and incredibly well-timed research study by the sociologists at University of California, Los Angeles, and the Data and Society Research Institute, not all white nationalists who take DNA tests are pleased with the results.

The researchers examined over 12 million posts on white nationalist website Stormfront, posted by more than 300,000 users over the period of last 10 years, and found 70 discussion threads containing 153 users who posted their test results from sites like Ancestry.com and 23andMe, with 3,000 individual posts in all, according to the STAT News.

Nearly one-third of people who posted the results of their genetic ancestry testing were happy, but the majority who found that their ancestry wasn’t as “white European” as they had believed their entire prejudiced lives, either rejected the findings or called the results a “Jewish conspiracy.”

“They will talk about the mirror test,” explained Aaron Panofsky, a sociologist of science at UCLA’s Institute for Society and Genetics. “They will say things like, ‘If you see a Jew in the mirror looking back at you, that’s a problem; if you don’t, you’re fine.’”

It gets worse from there.

“A person’s test might come back 30 percent English, 20 percent Danish, 40 percent German, etc., and this looks like great diversity within Europeans without people of color being involved,” Panofsky continued. “Already some white nationalists portray white people as the ‘true’ people of color (red hair, blond, brown, and black hair; blue, green, and brown eyes; pale to olive skin etc.), while seeing non-whites as all the same.”

It is ironic how DNA companies, like Ancestry.com, promote their tests with advertisements that claim genetic ancestry testing will bring people together and eliminate racial discrimination once they find out how similar they are.

Tragically, that’s the direct opposite of what’s currently happening.

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