White Supremacists Use Fake Videos To Warn About ‘Black Crime Wave’

“Fake news is spreading in Edmonton that there is a ‘Black Crime Wave’ targeting white people,” tweeted an Edmonton resident, debunking the claims.



A white supremacist group in Edmonton, Canada, claimed a “black crime wave” was taking the residents of the city by siege and the groundless claims went viral.

But now, a black resident of the city is exposing the falsity of these claims.

Right-wing “traditionalists” put out a bogus article, the headline of which read, “BLACK CRIME WAVE SWAMPS ‘WHITE FLIGHT’ CANADIAN CITY.”

The article appeared on Trad News blogspot page and the writer claimed, “A one-sided race war appears to be under way in the Canadian city of Edmonton after it was announced that hundreds of charges had been laid against 34 members of a large group of black youths responsible for hundreds of attacks on white people over the past year.”

Bashir Mohamed, an Edmonton resident, took it upon himself to reveal how certain groups are naming and shaming black people, creating tension for no apparent reason.

“Fake news is spreading in Edmonton that there is a ‘Black Crime Wave’ targeting white people,” Mohamed tweeted, accompanied with a screenshot of the Trad News post. “The article has been shared hundreds of times and has already elicited calls for lynchings and retribution.”


Mohamed went on to highlight how the article has taken incidents completely out of context and portrayed black people in them as the offenders.

The post “references an incident back in March where 32 young people were arrested for a series of crimes,” he continued. “The original press release by [the Edmonton Police Service] does not say race was a motivating factor. Nor does it list the race of the victims or those charged.”

He further pointed out how one of the videos embedded in the post is apparently showing a young black person shoving and “kicking a white woman down a set of stairs,” though upon further inspection it was found the race of both the person being pushed down the stairs and the attacker is not clear.



Mohamed noted in his Twitter thread the post, which references the “white genocide” myth, was shared widely on Facebook by groups with names like “Albertans Opposed to the [New Democratic Party] and Liberals” and “Nationalist Agenda.”

In his thread, Mohamed also included the screenshots of the responses of several people who propagate lynching and other forms of grave violence against black people. One of these comments was by posted by former Edmonton police Det. Thomas Wilson and it was blatantly racist.



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