White Supremacy And Confederacy Apologist Gets Endorsement From Trump

President Donald Trump has no problem publicly supporting a GOP candidate who calls a racist, white-supremacist Republican his "personal hero."

It appears that while America was busy talking about North Korea, President Donald Trump used Twitter to praise a GOP candidate who Sen. Tim Kaine calls a Trump wanna-be and a man “who stokes white supremacy.”

On Twitter, Trump congratulated Virginia Senate hopeful Corey Stewart after he won the state’s GOP primary race on Tuesday.

Accusing Kaine, the senator whom Stewart is hoping to unseat, of being "weak" on the border issue and “a total stiff” who wants “to raise your taxes through the roof,” Trump's endorsement actually gave Virginia voters who are concerned about the president’s agenda a very good reason not to vote for Stewart.

The state has gone full blue since the 2016 presidential election, when Virginia voters picked Hillary Clinton as their president.

Journalist Shaun King reminded the president that when he supports bigots he gives others like Stewart reason to celebrate.

Recently, CNN reported Stewart built his entire political career on defending Confederate symbols and making racist statements, both of which embarrassed many Republicans who are not happy about his rise, such as Republican strategist Brian J. Walsh.

Despite the criticism, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which exists solely to boost GOP candidates to the Senate, did not comment on Stewart, his personal views, or campaign tactics.

Stewart was also in the news for supporting Paul Nehlen, the infamous GOP candidate who wants to unseat House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Nehlen became widely known after he made racist comments on social media about former actress and current Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle and had been previously kicked off Twitter for anti-Semitic posts.

Stewart called Nehlen his “personal hero” before finally disavowing him.

In 2017, when Stewart was running for governor, Richard Hines, the chairman of Save Southern Heritage and a prominent member of the neo-Confederate movement, endorsed him. In the same year, Stewart was interviewed by prominent “new right” journalist Mike Cernovich, and even laughed when Cernovich talked about GOP “cucks.”

The term is short for “cuckservative,” which members of the alt-right use to refer to conservatives who do not share their views.

As you can see, the president has absolutely no problem being seen openly supporting candidates like Stewart.

But what should we expect? After all, he has once filled the White House with members of the alt-right. He wasn’t bothered by their views then; why would he have a change of heart now?

Banner and thumbnail image credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

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