No Charges For White Teacher Who Intimidated Black Student With Noose

The incident was ruled as a “hate incident” and not a hate crime because the prosecutors apparently weren’t convinced if the student “felt threatened.”

A white teacher at Santa Teresa High School in San Jose, California who intimidated a black student on April 30 was placed on an administrative leave and he will not face any charges for bullying the student.

Reason: The incident was classified as a “hate incident” and not a hate crime.

According to authorities, the unnamed teacher who also served as an assistant football coach simulated a noose around his neck and told the black student in the group to “stay away” from him.

A source familiar with the teacher claimed his actions were meant as a joke, apparently, because there was no physical assault of the student. Prosecutors termed the disturbing incident as a “hate incident” and not a hate crime as they were not convinced if the student felt threatened by the teacher’s actions.

However, the unnamed black student was offended and reported the school administration about the horrific ordeal the very next day.

The public was made aware of the encounter by members of the Black Leadership Kitchen Cabinet of Silicon Valley and is now being investigated by San Jose police. Meanwhile, the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office is examining the situation.

“Let this be a message to our community that we take these cases extremely seriously,” said San Jose police Chief Eddie Garcia. “We don’t see them as jokes, and we’re going to investigate them to the fullest extent of the law.”

Now, the Cabinet and other concerned groups are urging the district attorney to term the incident as a “hate crime” and press charges against the teacher, whose actions can only be described as racist.

“It scared the kid and crushed him,” said Rev. Reginald Swilley, Cabinet co-chair whose children are alumni of the school. “Children are trying to be educated in an environment where they are being threatened. Our community is very upset, and nobody did anything until the community spoke.”

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