Waitress Bullied For Being White Receives $6,000 In Tips

Racism cannot stand, no matter who it's directed against.

Ashleigh Schultz, a 24-year-old waitress, was subjected to sheer racism when a customer wrote an insensitive comment on a café bill.

A black Oxford student, Ntokozo Qwabe, watched as his dining companion wrote,We will give tip when you return the land,” on the bill at Obz Cafe in Cape Town, South Africa. He later even had the guts to post on Facebook that he and a friend made a woman cry “typical white tears,” leaving him “unable to stop smiling because something so black and wonderful had happened.”

However, Qwabe soon landed in the spotlight — in a bad way — as internet users lashed out at him for being racist. They quickly labeled him an "idiot and intolerant."

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Here’s what other Twitter users said:




Schultz’s friends on social media explained how she had been going through a tough time ever since her mother was diagnosed with cancer, and soon online campaigners teamed up to collect a tip for her with a GoFundMe page.

So far, more than $6,000 has been collected as “tip” for the waitress over three days.

Qwabe, a scholarship holder at his university, is someone who often speaks up for social issues and stands up for the oppressed. But apparently only certain people are worthy of his efforts. With one post, he's revealed himself as extremely racist.

He is currently leading a campaign to remove a Cecil Rhodes statue at Oxford.

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Racism is never OK, period. It shouldn't take an Oxford education to realize that. 

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