White Woman Calls Cop On Black Man Trying To Get In His Own Car

“I was getting ready to put money in a meter or whatever, and she has nothing else better to do and asked me if I was breaking into my car.”

In the kind of incident pertaining to racial discrimination that has become frighteningly common in the USA, a white woman called the cops on a black man for trying to break into his own car. The irony this time is that the man in question works with the local police force.

In a video he uploaded to his Facebook page, Corvontae Davis claimed he was struggling to get into his Ford Mustang 2016. His brief tussle with the vehicle did not go unnoticed by a white woman who, as white people often do, had begun to take an inordinate amount of interest in what the black man was doing.  

“I was getting ready to put money in a meter or whatever, and she has nothing else better to do and asked me if I was breaking into my car,” David recalled.

The woman, Davis said, walked up to him. Instead of asking if there was anything wrong or asking him for any kind of help like a genuinely concerned citizen, the unnamed woman who Davis now affectionately refers to as RepoRachel, called the police on him.

Davis was frustrated but he decided that losing his patience would be counterproductive.  

The police arrived and was thankfully able to establish that Davis was the rightful owner of the car.

While the vehicle owner was grappling with the police force, the white woman had conveniently disappeared. RepoRachel did not even wait to check if the black man who she wanted to put behind bars was really at fault.

After completing their investigation, the police apologized to him on the woman’s behalf.

However, Davis said that he is actually seeking an apology from the white woman for putting him in a “very embarrassing” situation.

Some of us may mistakenly believe the Nazi slogan chanting, swastika-branded, hooded white men are the face of white supremacy in the USA.

However, as such incidents show, supposedly well-meaning, urbane white men and women are the real flag-bearers of white supremacy. These people are fully aware of the repercussions of their actions: Movements like Black Lives Matter have educated people that the US Police killed black people at a disproportionate rate.

However, white people continue to put the lives of black people in danger.

Sometimes, their victim is a 12-year-old boy trying to earn extra money by delivering newspapers. Other times, an 8-year-old girl of color is seen as a dangerous criminal for selling water. Given these circumstances, it may be easy to believe that people of color should avoid any interactions with white people around them to prevent being sent to jail.

In another such instance of racial profiling, a white woman called the cops on a black woman who refused to talk to her.

The practice of calling cops on black people, without any evidence of them being at fault is rising at alarming rates in the country. To counter such incidents, a black legislator proposed a law making it a hate crime for white people calling cops on black people who are innocent. The lawyer came up with the law proposal after being racially profiled by a white woman while he was campaigning in his own district.

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