White Woman Calls Cops On Black Neighbors Who 'Refused To Talk To Her'

The woman later admitted that she herself threatened her neighbor first to beat her up for refusing to talk to her but said “she didn’t mean it.”


Just weeks after a white woman called cops on an African-American family for barbequing in Oakland, California, a similar incident has emerged.

A white woman, who remains unidentified, was reportedly in an apartment complex pool in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where her black neighbors were also present. While she was there, she attempted to talk to one of the black neighbors and told her she was “depressed.”

The black neighbor, however, didn’t show interest in talking to the woman. The conversation should have ended there but it didn’t. The white woman went ahead and called cops on her black neighbors.

When cops arrived at the scene, the woman claimed that as soon as she told her neighbors she was depressed, they made fun of her. Not only that, she went ahead and said the black neighbors threatened to physically assault her.

A video of the incident posted to Facebook showed a police officer questioning the white woman.

In the video, the cop repeatedly asked the woman how her neighbors threatened her. However, she failed to keep her story straight.

“I went over and asked the girl if I could talk to her and she said ‘no.’ She asked ‘what do you wanna talk about?’ and I said I’m depressed and she said, ‘well, I think you should go.’ And then ALL of them started making fun of me and started making jokes,” claimed the woman.

While telling her story, the woman later admitted that she herself threatened her neighbor first to beat her up for refusing to talk to her but said “she didn’t mean it.”

The police officer further explained to the woman he has patrolled the area from the past three years but never knew a pool existed here.

He went ahead and said before he arrived at the location, he was stopped by three men who told him that a blonde woman was causing disturbance and that she was either drunk or was not sober.

The officer also told the woman that she bothered people in this pool so much they went to another pool in the same area.

“I need you to really be honest with me. Were you out here causing a scene?” the cop asked the woman.

The woman disagreed. However, the officer remained unconvinced.

“Does that sound plausible to you?” he asked her.

The woman failed to give a concrete answer. The African-American neighbors told their side of the story to which the officer agreed.

In the end, the officer asked thanked the black neighbors to let the white woman speak first and then asked them if they wanted anything from him.

The cop handled the situation appropriately and let go the black neighbors.

It seems white people have a terrible penchant for calling police on African-Americans when they are just going about their daily lives, be it sitting at a coffee shop, falling asleep in a common area in Yale University, leaving an AirBnb residence, or simply barbequing.

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