White Woman Calls Cop On ‘Suspicious’ Black Man Walking With His Baby

The police officer said she had received a call about a “suspicious man” with a baby walking on the park’s bike path.


In 2017, a black PhD candidate was beaten up and arrested by cops after a white woman reported he had stolen and driven off with someone else’s car. Turned out, the car was his own and Lawrence Crosby was just trying to fix it.

Earlier this year, two black men in Starbucks were arrested after the coffee shop’s white manager called the cops on them for “trespassing.” They were only waiting for a friend in the store.

Very recently, a black real estate agent had the cops called on him after a white woman reported to 911 that he was standing on her neighbor’s yard. He was only doing his job and inspecting the house.

Now it seems a black father can’t even take his baby for a walk in the park.

Donald Sherman, a lawyer by profession, was having a stroll in the park with his infant son when he was unexpectedly approached by a police officer, reported The Root.

Sherman explained the entire incident in his Facebook page.

The lawyer explained his son, Caleb, was not feeling well that day, so he stayed at home to look after him.

A while later, Caleb seemed better, so his father decided to take him out for a stroll in the Kingman and Heritage Islands Park, for some fresh air.

“Today in Living While Black,” Sherman started his post.

“[It was] 30 minutes into our stroll I got flagged by a security officer in one of those cars marked ‘Special Police’ on the side,” he wrote. “I was a bit confused as to whether she was looking for me to stop, but she honked twice and pulled over so I got the picture.”

The police officer said she had received a call about a “suspicious man” with a baby walking on the park’s bike path. She also said when she asked to describe the man’s race, the caller declined to do so.

Sherman said the only woman in the park at the time was a “white lady on a bike” who quickly changed direction as he and Caleb approached her. The lawyer also saw she was the one who reported him to security.

Fortunately, the interaction with the officer was a “pleasant” one. However, Sherman noted the severity of being stopped by a member of law enforcement.

“If this complaint had been made to a different security officer or an actual cop, things could have gone very differently,” he wrote. “This is exactly why we have to talk about white privilege and why black lives matter. Because at any point doing anything anywhere my safety and my child’s safety could [have] been in jeopardy because [of] some well intentioned complaint.”

People on social media have, of course, been outraged on behalf of Sherman.




It should be noted that behind all of these misleading reports, was a white woman.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that some white people have an implicit and irrational fear of blacks and they act on this phobia whenever they are in close proximity with black people.

Perhaps it is time law enforcement agencies start penalizing people who make these undeserving calls.

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