White Woman Confronts Racist Shopper For Harassing Hispanic Women

“You don’t harass people. Get out of here now. I'm calling the cops. You leave these women alone! Get out!” said the woman while confronting the racist woman.


A racist woman in a Colorado grocery store who was harassing two Hispanic women for speaking Spanish, was confronted by another white woman.

The incident was recorded on camera where the white woman, Kamira Trent, can be seen shutting down the racist woman, Linda Dwire, for harassing the Hispanic women, Fabiola Velasquez and Isabel Marin.

Dwire reportedly went up to the two women who were speaking Spanish and asked them if they live in the country and if they like it or not. When Velasquez and Isabel said that they live in the United States, the racist woman told them to learn English. That is when Trent confronted her and gave her a piece of mind.

“You're in America. You're in my country. You can't speak Spanish here. You need to speak English if you're going to be in America,” she reportedly told the Hispanic women.

“You don’t harass people. Get out of here now. I'm calling the cops. You leave these women alone! Get out!” Trent warned Dwire.

To which the racist woman replied, “You come from a generation that's destroying this country.”

“No I do not. I have respect. You do not harass people,” replied Trent.

Dwire then pointed a finger at Trent and said, “You know what, you will lose this country.”

Trent then makes sure that that the racist woman moves away from the Hispanic woman and follows her down the aisle criticizing her for her racist behavior. She once again shouted at Dwire and told her “You don’t harass Hispanic women!”

It just didn’t end there as Trent called the cops and she made sure Dwire was held accountable for her actions. The racist woman was then arrested and was transferred to Garfield County Jail where she was charged with two counts of bias-motivated harassment.

Dwire was later released on a bond and now will appear in court in November.

One of the two women, Velasquez, said she was in the grocery store with her two daughters. She added Dwire’s tone was very aggressive when she harassed them and said at one point she even raised her finger at her.

“If she wasn't racist, she wouldn't care what language we would speak. It baffles me because I don't understand what concept they have about us [immigrants.] What are we trying to take away from them exactly?” she said.

Trent also explained the incident later to Buzzfeed and said, “She just got angrier and angrier. I was trying to get her away from the two women, but she wasn't going to leave them alone. What she said and the way she said it was wrong.”

She said the woman shut her down and said that it wasn’t her business that is when the conversation between the two women escalated.

On the other hand, Dwire maintained her stance and said that she did nothing wrong.

“It has nothing to do with race. It’s a patriotic thing. When people come to my country, they need to love it enough to speak English. They'd rather have their country here. I don’t mind them coming here as long as they want to be an American and not go on our welfare system. When there are so many people that they don’t learn English, that’s what divides our country,” she said.

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