Woman Forces Herself On Asian Men To Prove They Are Attractive

YouTuber Leela Rose decided to go around and kiss Asian men to prove they are just as attractive as white men — it didn’t turn out so well.

Actress and YouTuber Leela Rose recently went on a kissing spree, kissing random men she came across. Her only condition: The men had to be Asian.

Rose explained in her YouTube video that she wanted to break stereotypes about Asians being unattractive or less appealing. Apparently, she was not happy with the under-representation of Asians in the film industry and wanted to prove they deserve more dominant roles that are usually given away to white actors.

Therefore, she decided to conduct a “social experiment” on the streets of Japan by kissing Asian men and remove the stigma associated with them and their attraction. “I kissed random Japanese men on the streets. There’s so much stigma around how Asian men are portrayed in the film industry. They’re usually portrayed as being wimpy or the typical geek or nerd. I just wanted to prove that Asian men can be portrayed as very attractive,” she said in the video.  

However, her passionate kisses backfired, because of one major problem — the lack of consent.

Rose can be seen in the video forcing herself on men, kissing them without their permission. That's the definition of sexual assault.

Although she claimed she first flirted with them before making her final move, the video shows otherwise.

“I just thought it would be funny if I ran back into them and I filmed them,” she said last week in a YouTube interview with pick-up artist JT Tran.“I let them know what I was doing.”

Rose’s effort to remove stigma around Asian men may have been admirable, but her attempt to do so came across as nothing but cringe-worthy.

She even laughed at some of the men treating them like a joke. Those men were not props, and many of them probably didn’t even want to be this intimate with Rose.

Users on social media were quick to bash her approach.

It's a fetish. And in parts of Asia it's referred to as riding the ‘white horse.’ It just looks bad both ways,” commented Josephine Lathung. 

“I’m not sure a culture that did nothing but kick ass and turn fighting into art for centuries needs anyone to make them look tough. America has an education and bias problem, Japan doesn’t have an emasculation problem,” explained Steve Gaskil.

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