Racist Woman Berates Hispanic Man Trying To Help Her In A Sprint Store

“I ain’t scared of no f*****g sp*c,” says the woman to the man identified only as Juan. “This is my f*****g country."



A woman went on a vile racist rant in a Sprint store in Manassas, Virginia, after a man offered to help her.

That’s right. He offered to help her.

In a video that’s doing rounds on Twitter, the woman, who is white, can be seen speaking on her cell phone, locating a different store when a Hispanic man nearby offers to help.

“I'm in Manassas, in the ghetto,” the woman can be heard saying. “You have probably five stores in Manassas and none of them wanted to do anything. I've already been to two of them.”

“They have one in Fairfax,” says a man off-camera.

That’s when the woman goes off on a racist tirade.

“I wasn’t talking to you,” she responds to the man, while calling him out for offering his advice.

“My name’s Juan,” he replies.

“I don’t give a f**k what your name is,” the woman responds, before threatening him by saying her husband, who was apparently standing outside, would beat him up. “I ain’t scared of no f*****g sp*c,” she says. “This is my f*cking country.”

Following the racial abuse, Juan leaves the spot, telling her to “take it easy.”

After he exits, the racist woman says, “They need to take his f***ing a** back to Mexico.”

It’s not yet clear who recorded the incident on camera.

The video was shared on Twitter by New York Daily News writer Shaun King. It has been retweeted more the 43,000 times.

The Sprint store incident emerged just days after a man went on a racist tirade in a Reno, Nevada, airport after overhearing a passenger speaking to his mother over the phone in Spanish.

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