White Woman Invokes Trump After Calling Latino Man ‘Rapist And Animal’

When Esteban Guzman told an unnamed woman that he and his family were “honest people,” she laughed in his face. “You’re rapists,” she said, “and animals.”

Just as we feared, President Donald Trump’s repeated references to Latino immigrants as animals and rapists have trickled down to his supporters who are now using his words to justify attacking Latinos in their communities.

Case in point: A white woman was filmed harassing a California Latino man named Esteban Guzman, telling him that Latinos are “rapists and animals,” Raw Story reports.

In the clip, Guzman can be heard asking the woman, “Why do you hate us?” to which she replied, “Because you’re Mexicans.”

When he told the unnamed woman that he and his family were “honest people,” she laughed in his face.

“You’re rapists,” she said, “and animals.”

“Drug dealers, rapists, and animals,” she repeated.

With her middle finger sticking straight up in Guzman’s face, the woman made a comment about the president of the United States, which prompted Guzman to ask, “Do you believe everything he tells you?”

Guzman originally shared the footage from the incident on Facebook; however, the site removed it for violating its community standards. Luckily, though, it has already made its way to other platforms, including Twitter where 17-year-old activist Keindra Woods posted it on her profile.

Guzman posted the screenshot of the notification he received from Facebook explaining why his video was removed.

It oddly stated that the clip violated the site’s policy against content that includes “offers of sexual services, solicitation of sexual material, threats or depictions of sexual violence, threats to share intimate images or any sexual contact involving minors.”

Racism is nothing new in America. However, these incidents simply highlight how rampant the issue truly is and how much really has not changed in our society following the civil rights era.

Even after having our country's first African-American president in office for eight years, the sad reality is that white supremacy is still alive, and with Trump in the White House now, white nationalists are no longer afraid to overtly express what they truly think of minorities. 

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