'F**k You Curry Muncher': Racist Train Passengers Abuse Filipino Woman

“Make me shut up, b****. I ain’t gonna shut up,” a woman could be heard saying in the video. “What are you going to do? Go back to your own f****** country.”

Two women were caught on camera racially abusing and harassing a lone passenger sitting across the aisle on the Flinders Street Station-bound train in Melbourne, Australia. The racist commuters were both white while their apparent victim was reportedly of Filipino descent.

The appalling incident was filmed by Facebook user Patricia Bonnar, who not only shared the video on social media but also pressed the emergency button on the train to alert the authorities before going to sit with the woman who was being bullied to show her she was not alone. Two other commuters also accompanied Bonnar in an act of solidarity, according to her post.

“Disgusting behavior by these 2 girls who were on the train to the city just now,” she wrote. “They racially abused a lady sitting on her own. Andree Maxwell, Suzie Piggottand myself went and pressed the emergency button and sat beside the lady to support her until these girls got off the train at Highett.”

The racist rant was filled with offensive slurs and profanities.

“So what, who gives a f***?” one of the women was heard saying. “Make me shut up, b****. I ain’t gonna shut up. I ain’t never gonna shut up, c***. What are you going to do? Go back to your own f****** country.”

Although the victim did try to speak up, the racist women didn’t let her continue.

In fact, one of them then proceeded to mimic the accent of the woman they were abusing.

Unluckily for them, law enforcement officials were waiting for them at the next stop. However, the two managed to flee the scene before the authorities could question them.

A number of Facebook users expressed their disdain and disgust toward the racist commuters after watching the video.

“They should be made to issue a public apology at the very least. Also need some education on diversity and the law in Australia,” commented a social media user. Another wrote, “How sad, I wish I was on that train so I could've given them my own opinion.”

People also praised Bonnar for taking a stand, even though other passengers don’t appear to be doing much to intervene.

“Good on you for standing up to the bullies in a calm and positive way to support the victim!!” said another user.

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