Stephen Paddock, 64, Identified As Las Vegas Mass Shooting Gunman

“There was blood on people... It was literally like movie you feel like you’ve seen before that’s not real life,” singer Jake Owen said.


At least 50 people were killed and nearly 200 injured at a mass shooting that took place at a country music festival at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas.

A gunman reportedly opened fire just after 10 p.m. during the Route 91 Harvey country music festival at the casino, while country singer Jason Aldean was performing.


Videos on social media show panic-stricken people ducking for cover after hearing gunshots at the festival. 

Multiple sources told NBC News the suspected gunman has been identified, as 64 year-old white male Stephen Paddock from Mesquite, NV, according to NBC News.

The lone suspect was killed by the officers.


"You could hear it ringing off the rafters of the stage," singer Jake Owen recounted. "Everyone onstage started running anywhere possible. It was pretty chaotic for sure.”

"I ran just like everyone else," he added. "There was blood on people... It was literally like movie you feel like you’ve seen before thats not real life... It was pretty chaotic for a pure seven to 10 minutes."

According to the police, they found numerous weapons in Paddock's hotel room on the 32nd floor of the hotel.

Shortly after the shooting, police were actively looking for Marilou Danley, described as Paddock’s roommate and traveling companion.


She has reportedly been located.


Police also mentioned a number to assist families in search of their loved ones.


According to police, a search of Paddock’s room is underway, and a search off his home will take place shortly. The motive behind this horrific action is yet to be discovered.

According to NBC News, Paddock was not known to the federal authorities, but was known to local law enforcement in Nevada. The shooter reportedly has no known connection to terrorism and police have not called the shooting a terrorist attack.

Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said the killing was not being treated as terror-related.  “No not at this point, we believe it is a local individual, he resides here locally,” he said responding to a question.

“We don’t know what his belief system was at this time.”

According to Nevada state law, this is the definition of a terrorist "a person who intentionally commits, causes, aids, furthers or conceals an act of terrorism or attempts to commit, cause, aid, further or conceal an act of terrorism.”

Paddock killed more than 50 people and injured 200 others. That makes this shooting the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

People lamented over the situation on social media, and are outraged at him not being referred as a terrorist.













Thumbnail Credits: Reuters, Las Vegas

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